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Sails in The Wind


Cowboys, Indians, and Pirates.
Lucas and Grant Sievers struggle to keep their farms from going under due to unusual cold weather, raiding Mohawks, and cattle thieves. While Grant’s health is slowly failing Lucas does the unthinkable. He gets his nephew’s wife pregnant. He comes up with a plan for her to keep her newborn child and his father’s identify a secret.
Sam and John set out on a journey of a lifetime. They travel around the world in a ship looking for Adam. Early on they decide that they were going to try new things and that neither would tell on the other what sins they commit. Neither one is prepared for the sacrifices they will have to make. Sam runs into some of the women he bedded while he was a slave during the war. And John embraces life on ship whole heartedly, including living with another man.
Adam never felt comfortable living on the farm. He is more suited for life on a ship, becoming the fiercest pirate in the south seas. The last thing he expects is running into his brothers as he overtakes their ship.

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Deborah Tadema (Individual)
Sails in The Wind

Posted on: 04/25/21 , Total Visits: 80
Sails in The Wind

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