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Revamin Stretch Mark


Revamin Stretch Mark is an advanced cream that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cosmetic contains extracts, vitamins and oils that improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. The natural formula of the product makes it safe for the skin and does not cause side effects.

Regular use of Revamin Stretch Mark helps to lighten stretch marks. The skin's elasticity and firmness are also improved. Additionally, the skin becomes visibly softer and more nourished. The product can also be used prophylactically to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear on the surface of the skin when the body expands too much as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight gain and causes the middle layer of the skin to tear. This tear leads to the damage of dermal connective tissues that keeps the skin elastic and flexible.

These marks are unsightly, and they appear initially as red, purple, or pink color and eventually fade into white or silver stripes as they age. Stretch marks commonly appear on the breast, thighs, hips, buttock and upper arm. Other common factors that cause the formation of stretch marks include puberty, bodybuilding, stress, genetics, and medical conditions.

What distinguishes Revamin Stretch Mark from other products is its multilevel action. Its ingredients has been composed in such a way that the effects of application are visible in the shortest possible time. This product gives the skin elasticity, proper hydration and brightens visible stretch marks so they become less visible.

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Revamin Stretch Mark

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Revamin Stretch Mark

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