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Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical Supplies and Equipment :**

✔️ Diagnostic Imaging
➖ High Frequency Digital Radiography
➖ Medical Diagnostic Xray
➖ HF Portable Mobile Digital Radiography Xray
➖ Ultrasonography
➖ Mammography

✔️ Digital(DR) /Computed(CR) Radiography Systems

✔️ Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Test System)

✔️ Fujifilm Consumables
➖ Medical Xray Film
➖ Dental Xray Film
➖ Chemicals : Manual / Automatic Fixer and Developer
➖ Xray Film Envelope

✔️ Xray Lead(Pb) Radiation Shield and Accessories

✔️ Medical Recording Chart Paper

✔️ Movable Negative Pressure Machine

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

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