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Easy Dominator Software


The All-in-one Solution Sender, Filter and much more, created by the Company Interconnectica Ltd through our programming team MHDscripts.
The Easy Dominator Software offers incredible features to send unlimited messages to your clients. It’s time to get your Marketing to the Next Level.
Enrich your bulk messages attaching a photo or a video. It is a bulk marketing software through unlimited character text, Image with caption and video with caption.
We believe in tools, services and support. This Software contains also a built-in Group Extractor, and built-in Syntax Variable Messages that you can enable/ disable with just click of a button beside the Full Settings of sending speed and multi-messages algorithm.

Posted by:
Viorica Cretu (Individual)
Easy Dominator Software

Posted on: 03/19/22 , Total Visits: 56
Easy Dominator Software

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